Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello all!

As most of you have experienced, when times are tough, the tough get going and when times are easy...I don't blog as much.

The island life has been treating me right. Y'all I have friends! White friends, Latina friends, Mormon friends, Indian friends, Med. Student friends, Southern friends, Chinese friends, Christian friends, Drunk friends and (as always lol) Pregnant or Getting Married friends.

Friends who like wine, friends who like beer.
Friends who bake and watch The Bachlorette and Sex and the City (shudder), friends who cut up dead bodies with hack saws (shudder).

Every day is beautiful and warm and sunny. It's not always easy (mostly) taking care of the house by myself or cooking every day. It's not always easy entertaining myself while B studies NON-STOP.

But it's great.

I made the right choice.

- Emily

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