Latter-Day Lingo - A Guide to Terms

Thanks to for these commonly used Mormon (LDS, Latter-Day Saint, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) expressions: 

Anti-Mormon - Strong, possibly hostile opposition to Mormon theology.  May display as prejudice against Mormons, themselves.
AP - Assistant to the (Mission) President
Apologist - A defender of the Church
BAC - Born-Again Christian
BIC - Born in covenant
Bish - Bishop
BKP - Boyd K. Packer
BOA - Book of Abraham
- Book of Mormon
BP - Branch President
Breed 'Em Young - A word play on Brigham Young University.
Brethren, The - The LDS leadership
- Brigham Young
BYC - Bishop's Youth Council/Committee
BYU - Brigham Young University
CAB - Church Administration Building (seldom used)
CES - Church Education System
Chapel Mormon - A Mormon who embraces the common, traditional notions of the Church.
CHI - Church Handbook of Instructions
CK - Celestial Kingdom 
COB - Church Office Building. Often used to mean LDS Church administration in general.
CofC - Community of Christ: formerly known as the RLDS Church (see RLDS)
Cog Dis - Cognitive Dissonance
- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Corridor, The - The heavily Mormon-populated region in Northern Utah along the Wasatch Front.
CotFP - Corporation of the First Presidency
Cultural Mormon - A Mormon who identifies with the Church due to cultural heritage, but not the theology
D&C - Doctrine and Covenants
- Dissaffected Mormon Underground
DCP - Daniel C. Peterson. A prominent defender of the LDS Church.
DI - Deseret Industries
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought - A periodical dedicated to Mormon scholarship.
Dialogue Mormon - A synonym for "Sunstone Mormon" (see below), i.e. a very liberal Mormon.
DL - District Leader. A leadership position for LDS missionaries.
EQ - Elders Quorum
- Elders Quorum President
ETB - Ezra Taft Benson. President of the LDS Church from 1985 - 1995.
 - Ex-Mormon - one who no longer believes in Mormonism
F&T - Fast and Testimony meeting
FAIR - Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research
FARMS - Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
FHE - Family Home Evening
FLDS - Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
FPR - Faith-promoting rumor
Fundies/Fundy - Slang term for Fundamentalist Christians.
GA - General Authority
GBH - Gordon B. Hinckley
GD - Gospel Doctrine
Happy Valley - Utah County
HF - Heavenly Father 
HP - High Priest
HPGL - High Priest group leader
HT - Home teacher/teaching
IHOH - International House of Handshakes. An irreverent reference to the LDS temple.
Internet Mormon - A mormon who embraces the new revisionist ideas of the Church's foundational claims
Iron-rod Mormon - A conservative, literalist Mormon. The opposite of a Liahona Mormon.
ISL - In Sacred Loneliness, a book by Todd Compton
Jack Mormon 
- Believer who intentionally does not follow Mormon rules
JC - Jesus Christ
- Joseph Smith
KJV - King James Version of the Bible
Lattery-day Aint - No longer a Mormon after resigning.
LBM - Lead Balloon Moment
LDS - Latter-day Saint(s)
Legacy Mormons - Latter-day Saints who were born into the LDS Church
LGT - Limited Geography Theory
Liahona Mormon - A "liberal" Mormon. The opposite of an Iron-rod Mormon.
Mardinal - Stephen Colbert's term for a GA or Mormon Cardinal
MIA - Mutual Improvement Association
MIT - Married in the temple
MMM - Mountain Meadows Massacre
Mope - Stephen Colbert's term for the Prophet or Mormon Pope
Morg - 1. Mormon organization; 2. A fusion of the words "Mormon" and "Borg"
Morridor - A fusion of the words "Mormon" and "Corridor", referring to the Wasatch Front.
MoTab - Mormon Tabernacle Choir 
MP - Mission President
MTC - Missionary Training Center
Nevermo - Never Mormon 
NIV - New International Version of the Bible
NT - New Testament
OMS - One Mighty and Strong
OT - 1. Old Testament; 2. Off-topic
Po-Mo - Post Mormon
- Post Mormon - one who no longer believes but sympathetic to Mormons
- Primary
RLDS - Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (now "Community of Christ")
- Returned Missionary
RS - Relief Society
SLC - Salt Lake City
 - Sacrament Meeting
 - Stake President
SS - Sunday School
Sunstone Foundation - organization exploring deeper scholarship in Mormon studies. Very liberal.
Sunstone Mormon - Very liberal Mormon. May not believe all the foundational claims of the Church.
SWK - Spencer W. Kimball
- True Blue (or believing) Mormon(s)
 - The So Called Church
U, the - "The U" refers to the University of Utah
 - Word of Wisdom
Xian, Xianity - Christian, Christianity
YBU - Rearranged acronym "BYU"
- Young Men Program
 - Young Women Program
Zion Curtain - as in "behind the Zion Curtain." Refers to Utah.
ZLMB - Zion Lighthouse Message Board. An early apologetic discussion forum.
Zoobie - A Brigham Young University student 


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