Saturday, April 2, 2011

I have a dilemma

I know this doesn't start with a V. I interrupt my riff on the alphabet because:

1. I can't think of something that starts with V at the moment
2. I have a dilemma

I'm going to move in with my boyfriend. He lives in another country. Passport is in hand, birth cert obtained, new friends lined up, all manner of medications purchased.....

How do I tell my family? I live at home currently and I'm so grateful my parents allowed me to live with them. But, now it's time to move on. Grow up. Make my own way.

This isn't a fly-by-night discussion. I've been talking with my boyfriend about moving in together for a year and a half, but dealing with finding out the truth about TSCC and a subsequent eight month bout with depression last year AND telling my family where I stand with The Church, it just wasn't in the cards. I just wasn't able to deal with it. 

Nowadays, I'm healthy. I'm happy. I've worked out a job I can do online while out of the country. I'm stronger. I'm ready.

I just don't know how to break this news.



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