Sunday, March 13, 2011

U is for...


I recently emailed the Spouse Club of my boyfriends medical school. I'd posted on their message board a few times asking various questions about moving to the area, documents that were needed etc. Through all these interactions, I've been vague about the state I'm from. I was looking forward to starting over without having to battle a stigma or explain myself. I emailed the organization about a sponsor (basically a girl in the club will email you answering any questions you have) and guess where my sponsor is from?


The woman who emailed me was all excited that she had found someone "that [is] from Utah too!"

No!!!! How did they figure it out?

I scanned all my emails, posts etc.

Aha! The signature of my email.

Place Where I Work


I could never be a spy. I suck at covering my tracks!

Here's to hoping my buddy is normal!

I might have stalked her already on facebook.

And found that she is, in fact, Mormon.

Is it possible to ever escape!?

I've decided my new line is:

I'm from Utah. And not Mormon.

We'll see how it goes.

- Emily

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  1. Oh my. I looked into a spouse club when my husband was a graduate student. I was a grad student as well across the river and thought it would be nice to meet some married people on and around campus since we were living in married/family student housing at his school. But, I quickly realized that about 80% of the people in the spouse club were LDS SAHMs and it functioned in large part as a babysitting exchange and break-the-fast potluck group. Not something I could relate to and I was eager not to be known in the local ward. What I found though was that there were several other groups on campus that spouses were free to join. Snow-riders was a good fit for me but there were also some excursion groups and stitch-n-bitch. Those sorts of groups/clubs might be a better fit if you are looking to avoid the LDS crowd (THEY WILL try to home teach you and invite you out if they discover your secret). Hopefully the spouse club where you are heading isn't so LDS-dominated.

    Good luck!


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