Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Start of an Authentic Life

View from my Villa :)
Clearly the worst f----ing choice I've ever made :)

Want to know some other terrible things my "life of darkness and destruction" has brought to me?

  • The sense of freedom that I can be whomever I choose 
  • The self-confidence to rest assured with my life choices
  • A kind and loving boyfriend/best friend who did the dishes tonight after I made dinner 
  • A damn nice ocean front villa
  • A sun tan
  • A love of snorkeling 
  • A freelance writing job 
  • A raise
  • Time to do whatever the hell I want
  • Three nights straight of Happy Hour in the bar next door
  • A puppy 
  • LIFE 
It's good y'all. Start living it and try not to take advantage of it. 
- Emily


  1. I don't know how manage to function with all that misery and despair. But it looks like you're doing all right. If you feel like you need a shoulder to lean on, to help get you through it, send me a plane ticket and I'll be there in a trice. :)


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