Thursday, January 27, 2011

M is for...MORE

Marriage: the past entries on this topic here or here.

Because of the exclusive nature of the rituals associated with a Mormon marriage and family
unit, Mormons believe they have exclusive rights to the reunion of loved ones after death. Post-
Mormon used Bena explains, “My [Mormon] wife didn't get this concept. She was under the
impression that Mormons have corned the market on eternal families.” This is not an uncommon view.
Forum member Whitters relates, “I'm dating a Non-Mormon. My dad asked me, 'Doesn't [Boyfriend] want to be with his family forever?' I stared at him blankly. 'Dad. He does. You don't understand. The
Church believes they have this exclusive belief in families. All Christians believe they will be with
their family. All of them.'” Bena agress, “I told my wife many religions believe in being with their
families in heaven. I'm so arrogant. I'm amazed I used to believe this stuff. I guess they feel they have
a monopoly because they have to pay to get in.”

This “stuff” is the very cause of friction between both sides of the story. The cause of silence on both ends of the wide canyon. Members refuse to acknowledge the view of the non-believing loved ones because of how strongly they believe “this stuff,” this Plan. Though not a member of the Post-Mormon forum, resigned member Tyler comments, “I have resigned. My sister refuses to talk to me because I have ruined her Eternal family.That doesn't make sense to me. Why hate me in this life because she believes she wont see me in the
next? To me, this is all I have.” Post-Mormon user Whoa has a similar feeling, “I really don't want to
deal with the same shit for Eternity as I do now.”

At the heart of this issue are ultimately two sides of very hurt people pleading for the other side
to see their view. The exclusivity of Mormon families that “allows” family members to potentially be
with their families forever is the very same force that destroys them and divides them, an omnipotent
hand tearing at the hearts of all. This hand pulls the strings that keeps the Mormon view forever
focused on their Forever Families instead of the Here and Now.

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