Wednesday, January 26, 2011

M is for...MORE

Marriage: the beginning here

The Plan. Commonly known as The Plan of Salvation among Mormons. Mormons believe we
are all literal spirit children of God. Before we came to Earth to gain a body, we lived together in the
Pre-Earth life. This earth life is essentially a test of our obedience. Our ability to follow The Plan
without question. But, The Plan is not as simple as a Golden Rule approach. Members of The Church
must follow principles and ordinances of The Gospel. Each Mormon child is baptized at the age of
eight. The Age of Understanding. This baptism is just the bottom rung in the ladder of ordinances and
rituals one must complete according to The Plan. In order for families to be together forever, Mormons
must be married in a sacred temple. To gain entrance into these temples, all rituals and rules must be
followed. For example, a ten percent tithe of the members yearly increase must be paid to The Church.
Members must abstain from any Church prohibited activity such as drinking coffee, tea or alcohol,
premarital sex or watching R rated movies. Once inside these temples, members must swear their
allegiance to The Church, promising their all their time, talents and abilities. At one point, they were
even made to swear their lives. It goes without saying that these sealings are not taken lightly. Those
who follow The Plan will be together forever. Those who stray will break the bond of the Eternal
Family. Forever. Without an Eternal Family, one is not allowed to live in the highest degree of Heaven as a God or Goddess after death. Because of this view of Eternal Families, no mistake is greater than
allowing a family member to break this bond. Church leaders often state, “No success can compensate
for failure in the home.” If a family member leaves The Church, the family member who has left is a
great disappointment, the family itself – a failure.


  1. It's an ingenious and terribly hurtful control mechanism. A spouse leaves the church and potentially the entire family is eternally punished or even broken up here on earth. The church is not about families, eternal families - the church uses this doctrine to control members, to lock them in.

  2. Agreed. One of my cousins refuses to talk to her brother because he has "ruined her eternal family."

    So be a jerk here on earth. THAT makes total sense. Be sad and miserable for the rest of your life because you can't control another persons actions.

    I really liked your post on this topic by the way.


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