Sunday, May 8, 2011

A very merry un-Mother's Day


It’s Mother’s Day today. I’m sure all the mothers at church enjoyed preparing Sacrament talks and cleaning up after the kids made them breakfast. Not to be cynical - but I am a little cynical - I’m really happy I’m not a mother today. Well, other than a potential mother to an adorable puppy named Emma and babysitter/tutor of two wild little boys.

I used to want kids early. Like, super early. Age 21 or 22 early.

The thought that I wanted to have probably 1 or 2 kids right now is a scary thought. I used to badger my boyfriend, “Please, we need to have kids right away! Perhaps by 23 or 24!”


There is no way we could be living where we are and doing the things we’re doing:

copious amounts of writing, blogging, eating, cooking, friendmaking, puppy hunting and endless dishes, sweeping up sand ;) and laundry for me.

copious amounts of studying, reading, class, coffee, late nights and med. school stress for B.

if we had kids.

Maybe when I’m closer to 30. Med. school will be done. We’ll have gotten tons of crazy travel and adventures under our belt. I won’t feel like I’ve missed out on adventure. Not to say that kids aren’t an adventure. Oh my, they certainly are. Just not my type of adventure right now. It doesn’t help that my mom hasn’t spoken to me in weeks. I’m a little over it right now. I don’t have the energy to keep trying with people who, when I emailed them about Skyping told me they didn’t remember their Skype password. Hey Dad, you jailbroke your Iphone. I think you can figure out a mother (ha) f----ing Skype password. Or you know, create a new account? I’ll admit I haven’t tried extremely hard. And I don’t really care. At least not right now. Bad attitude, but I’m too excited about all the awesomeness on this island.

So, Happy Non-Mother’s Day to all of you out there. And Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms who work their asses off everyday. You’re strong women who do it all.

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