Monday, January 10, 2011

E is for...


Eight is a special age for young Mormons.   It is the age when you're baptized.  It's that age you are finally accountable for all your sins.  It's important to note that before one is eight, you don't really sin.  You transgress.  Once you turn eight, you have reached The Age of Understanding.  You are able to choose the Right from wrong.  

It is also the age when you get to join Activities Days (if you're a girl) and puffy paint t-shirts and learn how to do laundry while the boys learn to shoot bow and arrows in Scouts. 

I would like to think my fully mature, eight-year-old self wanted to learn to shoot a bow and arrow, but I probably would have just used it as an excuse to wear moccasins and play Pocahontas.

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